Women writers for International Women’s Day

I often share lists of books or lists of writers here on my blog, for a whole range of reasons — books I’ve bought in the past year, friends with work coming out, reading challenges. At least three times now, I’ve shared lists of women writers, but that list keeps growing, and it’s become something ofContinue reading “Women writers for International Women’s Day”

2015 is a year of kickass women

I’ve been cleaning up my study this week, shelving stacks of books and bagging issues of comics, and as I’ve been working, I’ve noticed something: This year has given us a lot of amazing women in art to celebrate. Films, comics, books, television — women are kicking ass. Two of my hands-down favorite films this year were Mad Max:Continue reading “2015 is a year of kickass women”

Brilliant books by brilliant writers

And all these writers are women. I spotted this list of 30 books by women in my Facebook newsfeed — the always-glorious Lidia Yuknavitch shared it — and I loved the first line of the intro: “Let’s be real: You should be reading books, and books by women, every month of the year.” Amen! But yes, it’s Women’s HistoryContinue reading “Brilliant books by brilliant writers”

My favorite writers (who happen to be women)

A few days ago, author Mary Miller published a piece in Vol. 1 Brooklyn called “My Problem with VIDA: A Report from the Field.” In it, Miller expresses how “uncomfortable” she is with the gender statistics that the VIDA Report gathers and distributes — or rather, with the way in which such statistics gender our considerationContinue reading “My favorite writers (who happen to be women)”