Quite So: David S. Atkinson talks writing, reading, and his new story collection

Last year at AWP, I bunked up with David S. Atkinson. We guzzled coffee by the gallon and talked books for three days. Of course, I was already a fan: I loved David’s first book, Bones Buried in Dirt, and he and I were both guests on an online reading series at the (now sadlyContinue reading “Quite So: David S. Atkinson talks writing, reading, and his new story collection”

Writing news

It’s been a busy several weeks, gang, which is why I’ve been relatively quiet lately. But a few cool things have happened since I last updated, and there are some more cool things coming soon: We’ve had not one but TWO issues of Jersey Devil Press go live: the special Sherlock Holmes issue (the coverContinue reading “Writing news”

2015 is a year of kickass women

I’ve been cleaning up my study this week, shelving stacks of books and bagging issues of comics, and as I’ve been working, I’ve noticed something: This year has given us a lot of amazing women in art to celebrate. Films, comics, books, television — women are kicking ass. Two of my hands-down favorite films this year were Mad Max:Continue reading “2015 is a year of kickass women”

Your 2015 holiday shopping list: books, books, and books!

It’s been a great year for books, y’all. And now that the crunch is on for gift-giving season, I wanted to share some books published in the past year by friends of mine! There is a LOT to love here — poetry, prose, anthologies, even a few adult coloring books! So I’ve included some blurbsContinue reading “Your 2015 holiday shopping list: books, books, and books!”

Setting aside Chekhov’s gun

I love Anton Chekhov. His sense of story rooted in character and culture has long held me spellbound, and I hold him as an unreachable ideal for what the best of short fiction can look like. He also had some terrific writing advice, probably the most famous of which was in favor of necessity in the details: “RemoveContinue reading “Setting aside Chekhov’s gun”

Wordstock 2015

I’m still earning my Portland literary street cred, y’all. Case in point: somehow, even though I’ve been in Portland for a handful of years now, this year was my first Wordstock. For folks not in the know, Wordstock is Portland’s massive literary festival. Or, one of them, anyway: just last month, we had the Pacific NorthwestContinue reading “Wordstock 2015”

The “rules” of reading: Neil Gaiman, Hagridden, and age appropriateness

Yesterday, on my Facebook page, I revealed that my eight-year-old niece had taken my books to school because her class is discussing what and why authors write. She thought it would be cool to share with her classmates that her uncle is a published author, even though, as my sister put it, my fiction isContinue reading “The “rules” of reading: Neil Gaiman, Hagridden, and age appropriateness”

Hagridden’s birthday and the Burning River West Coast Tour

A few days ago, Hagridden turned 1 year old. It’s walking around and eating solid food and everything. (More tomorrow on Hagridden at one year old!) To celebrate, I took the novel on the road, joining Hagridden‘s older, smaller half-sibling, Box Cutters, and my sunnyoutside pressmate Christopher Bowen on his Burning River Prose and PoetryContinue reading “Hagridden’s birthday and the Burning River West Coast Tour”

Sewanee books!

Today, my book haul from Sewanee Writers’ Conference arrived by mail, and I immediately stacked them for a photo so I could share with y’all the fantastic books I’m looking forward to reading the remainder of this year. I’ve listed them below in the order they’re in on the stack, with asterisks next to members ofContinue reading “Sewanee books!”

Sewanee quotes

There was so much genius floating around at the Sewanee Writers’ Conference that, even after I’d limbered up and gotten into a handwriting-workout routine, I still couldn’t write things down fast enough. (Seriously, the Alice McDermott craft lecture blew away the whole conference — several people remarked that it felt like getting a whole MFA in oneContinue reading “Sewanee quotes”