The last of the Box Cutters

You read that title right, gang: my first book, the flash-fiction chapbook Box Cutters, has nearly sold out of its print run. I received ten of them in the mail today, and sunnyoutside press has a handful more on their end, but that’s it. Enough people fell in love with that book that it’s almost goneContinue reading “The last of the Box Cutters”

Ain’t John Carr Walker’s Late Night Debut pretty?

About a month ago, I joined Late Night Library’s podcast series Late Night Debut, where I sat down for a conversation with author Margaret Malone about my sunnyoutside pressmate John Carr Walker​’s beautiful book, Repairable Men, and then I enjoyed a conversation with John himself. That podcast is now live online! Give it a listenContinue reading “Ain’t John Carr Walker’s Late Night Debut pretty?”

Slip loose the blade and rip her open!

Ladies and gentlemen, today I have some huge news. HUGE! This morning, sunnyoutside press revealed the cover of my upcoming chapbook, Box Cutters. This is my first chapbook — my first book, for that matter — and I am simply GEEKING OUT over it! Huge thanks to the gang over at sunnyoutside, as well asContinue reading “Slip loose the blade and rip her open!”

How to order The Disordered

Sunnyoutside Press is doing book trailers now. Their first is for the poetry collection The Disordered, by Anhvu Buchanan. The book comes out next week, but you can get on the preorders here: Why share this with you? Two reasons: Sunnyoutside has a hell of a reputation with poetry, and they put out some of my favorite poetryContinue reading “How to order The Disordered”