A new milestone for a new website!

Ladies and gentleman, as of about 6:45 pm Pacific Time, I have topped 20,000 hits on this website. This is fantastic! And well-timed, because this coming week, I will be unveiling a wholly revamped website. Most of the main pages will remain, so the menues will function as usual, but I’ll be adding a fewContinue reading “A new milestone for a new website!”

And we’re live (again)*

Are we re-alive? Re-animated? A zombie? Whatever the case, here we are, exactly one year after I migrated over to WordPress and expanded my blog to become a website, and now I’ve relaunched as–well, really, the same thing. Only cleaner, with better organization. My website has matured. And taken a shower and combed its hair.Continue reading “And we’re live (again)*”