Manscaping the website

And, we’re live again. Thanks, gang, for bearing with my disappearing site while I worked on it. The whole site was getting a little, shall we say, hairy, at least in terms of all those little drop-down menus and subcategories…. I am notorious for over-organizing things, with menus under menus and folders inside folders. (My … More Manscaping the website

A Writer’s Notebook: some kind of revision

The time-travel entry! (The date says Friday, but we all know it’s Saturday and I’m late in posting this. But I did write it yesterday, while sitting in my chiropractor’s waiting room.) Original: “The people made such a fuss because they are worried,” Bobby continued for her. “Nothing like this has ever happened, Nessie. Nobody has … More A Writer’s Notebook: some kind of revision

Math in words

We survived the fake Mayan apocalypse, and though people still seem pretty worried about this fiscal “cliff” (slope) thing, I’m going to go out on a limb and say, what the hell, we’ll make it through that, too. I feel pretty confident, because 2012 has been the Year of the Dragon in eastern astrology, and … More Math in words