Part 1 – Mark Russell, writer of DC Comics’ Flintstones and Prez – Book Club Discussion

Originally posted on Stargazer Comics, Toys & Games:
– Our recording missed a bit of this first question, but this transcript picks up very early in the conversation. – For the sake of not typing a lot of sound effects, imagine that we were all laughing, almost constantly, throughout this talk! ST: Can you tell…

Holiday shopping, literature, and a thousand lights in the coming night

Usually, around this time of year, I tell you all the books I’ve been reading, or all the books I’ve been buying, or all the books in the past year or so by friends of mine, and I suggest you make your holiday shopping list from it. It’s a way to support literature and my literaryContinue reading “Holiday shopping, literature, and a thousand lights in the coming night”

Comics I’m reading (and why)

The past week, I’ve been stopping in a few of Tacoma’s comics shops trying to find my new comics “home” (so far, the two I like best, Destiny City Comics and Stargazer Comics, have different qualities to recommend them, and I might wind up shopping at both), but the other day, I dropped into Stargazer Comics and struckContinue reading “Comics I’m reading (and why)”

2015 is a year of kickass women

I’ve been cleaning up my study this week, shelving stacks of books and bagging issues of comics, and as I’ve been working, I’ve noticed something: This year has given us a lot of amazing women in art to celebrate. Films, comics, books, television — women are kicking ass. Two of my hands-down favorite films this year were Mad Max:Continue reading “2015 is a year of kickass women”

A Writer’s Notebook: Why I cried at the Superman trailer

I mentioned last week that I’ve been writing an essay on Superman. I gave it up for a recollection of the ’96 Olympic Games, but the essay has still been on my mind. Then, the other day, a friend of mine posted an outraged link to Newsarama’s list of the 10 Worst Comic Book-Based MovieContinue reading “A Writer’s Notebook: Why I cried at the Superman trailer”

Zot!, heroism, love, and the bravest story in comics

I’ve been a fan of Scott McCloud’s books on writing comics — books on writing in general, really, because his insights into narrative purpose and narrative structure are fascinating — but for some reason it wasn’t until a few months ago that I finally picked up McCloud’s own graphic fiction, Zot! When I did, itContinue reading “Zot!, heroism, love, and the bravest story in comics”

But if Darth Vader got his hands on the Elder Wand AND the Ring of Power….

You can always tell it’s March Madness time when everyone starts breaking out tournament brackets for everything imaginable. And we hopelessly nonathletic nerds will not be left out of the fun! So Half-Price Books is running an online “Tournament of Villains,” a bracket of evil that includes baddies from film, literature, and comic books, mostlyContinue reading “But if Darth Vader got his hands on the Elder Wand AND the Ring of Power….”

Everyone can draw but me

A couple of weeks ago, I was reading so many comics that I dreamed in comics. I’ve now read every Clutch McBastard comic that I can currently get my hands on (must visit the IPRC library soon), so I’m not dreaming in comics much (though I did just finish the most recent volume of TheContinue reading “Everyone can draw but me”

Comics dreaming

Last night I dreamed in comics. I’ve been reading a lot of Portland artist and zinester Clutch McBastard‘s collected works lately, and for weeks now it’s usually what I flip through just before I go to sleep. So I suppose it was only a matter of time before I started working the comics into myContinue reading “Comics dreaming”