“We have no time for sorrows”

Like most straight guys my age — and, I’d be willing to wager, a great many gay guys and a great many women — I first fell in love with Carrie Fisher in her role as Leia Organa. And it wasn’t because she was a princess. It was because she was a fierce, determined fighter, anContinue reading ““We have no time for sorrows””

2015 is a year of kickass women

I’ve been cleaning up my study this week, shelving stacks of books and bagging issues of comics, and as I’ve been working, I’ve noticed something: This year has given us a lot of amazing women in art to celebrate. Films, comics, books, television — women are kicking ass. Two of my hands-down favorite films this year were Mad Max:Continue reading “2015 is a year of kickass women”

Photo blog 81

For this week’s Photo blog, I’m going to do something a little different. I’m going to tell you a story, as it was told to me, in pictures (and you’ll have to excuse my phone’s poor-quality camera): Sometimes, when cities need to keep track of where they’ve buried their cables, they’ll paint little white symbolsContinue reading “Photo blog 81”