Jersey Devil Press is full of superheros…

Or animals. Because for some reason, our Avengers-inspired assembly of Jersey Devil All-Stars didn’t wind up writing about superheros, but about animals. Every story. Which is awesome, because we’re talking about stories from Kimberly Lojewski,  Ryan Werner, y.t. sumner, and Hilary Gan. Hobos and alligators, lost dogs and too many pudding cups, talking birds and suicide,Continue reading “Jersey Devil Press is full of superheros…”

“I want them to bloom.”

A fellow writer — a beautiful writer, a brilliant writer — has composed a wonderful commentary on relationship abuse. It is well, well worth a read. The power and bravery she exhibits, the empowerment and courage she shares with women, the hope for women, is just astounding: I want people to remember that it’s neverContinue reading ““I want them to bloom.””