“It’s a real privilege to have talented friends”

Back in spring of 2015, I was looking for fresh material to bring into my composition classroom, and I happened to have a batch of students who were itching to break out of the essay rut and write in response to some literature. So I shared some widely-anthologized essays and some interesting editorials from major newspapers, butContinue reading ““It’s a real privilege to have talented friends””

Ryan Werner goes Soft

Gang, if you want to read something truly innovative, check out Ryan Werner’s “shattered novella” Soft. “Shattered novella” is what Ryan’s calling it, but really, it’s hard to know what to call this thing other than art. It is a novella, in the sense that it’s a unified narrative spanning a long period and coveringContinue reading “Ryan Werner goes Soft”

Ryan Werner on small presses, road trips, and rock-n-roll

About a month ago, I posted about the big Unshod Quills One-Hit Wonders reading here in Portland, with a lot of attention to literary rock star (literally) Ryan Werner. But there’s a hell of a lot more to his side of that story, and today, in Passages North, he tells it: We do all ofContinue reading “Ryan Werner on small presses, road trips, and rock-n-roll”

Unshod Quills One-Hit Wonders and reading in Portland

I am so, so fortunate to be part of so many little circles of writing communities — authors, poets, editors, publishers, public readers, Portlanders…. And when two of those circles overlap in a kind if literary Venn diagram, the fun doesn’t get smaller, it gets more concentrated. So you can imagine the degree of AwesomeContinue reading “Unshod Quills One-Hit Wonders and reading in Portland”

Taking off my shoes; putting on another hat

I have a new job, gang. I’m now serving as production editor at Unshod Quills, where I join the excellent Dena Rash Guzman, Wendy Ellis, Donald Rilea, Holly Hinkle, and Brian Tibbetts. I’m proud as hell to be part of a magazine that has already published work by Patrick Bahls, Rusty Barnes, Matthew Burnside, Matty Byloos, Chloe Caldwell,Continue reading “Taking off my shoes; putting on another hat”

Ryan Werner (Wrote a Book) — and I’m one of the dudes publishing it

I know I’ve already mentioned Jersey Devil Press’s forthcoming story collection by Ryan Werner, but it bears repeating, which is why Ryan is blogging about it every day this month leading up to the release of Shake Away These Constant Days. If you aren’t reading those posts — well, maybe that’s okay, because then you’llContinue reading “Ryan Werner (Wrote a Book) — and I’m one of the dudes publishing it”

Shake Away These Constant Days

Ryan Werner, who is great at titles, has a new book coming out from the press I work for, Jersey Devil Press, who are great at being awesome. Shake Away These Constant Days officially releases one month from today, on September 25, so for the next 30 days, Ryan and JDP are doing some thingsContinue reading “Shake Away These Constant Days”

“And the whole town’s waitin’ just to hear me yell”

Over at Jersey Devil Press, we have a whole mess of cool projects in the works. We’re working on a special Halloween-themed issue of the magazine, we have the special novella issue coming out later this summer, and we have not one but two books coming out later this year: Eirik Gumeny’s Exponential Apocalypse: Dead PresidentsContinue reading ““And the whole town’s waitin’ just to hear me yell””

Ryan Werner is for real

So, check it: my good friend/archnemesis, frequent referent in my blog posts, Captain Caveman lookalike, Midwest rock star, and kick-ass writer, Ryan Werner, has launched himself a website. And it fairly rules. Really clever concept and structure, gang, with links to all his shenanigans. If you like good fiction, sleazy rock-n-roll, and/or really hairy dudes,Continue reading “Ryan Werner is for real”

Jersey Devil Press is full of superheros…

Or animals. Because for some reason, our Avengers-inspired assembly of Jersey Devil All-Stars didn’t wind up writing about superheros, but about animals. Every story. Which is awesome, because we’re talking about stories from Kimberly Lojewski,  Ryan Werner, y.t. sumner, and Hilary Gan. Hobos and alligators, lost dogs and too many pudding cups, talking birds and suicide,Continue reading “Jersey Devil Press is full of superheros…”