Part 1 – Mark Russell, writer of DC Comics’ Flintstones and Prez – Book Club Discussion

Last Sunday, my friend Mark Russell came up to Tacoma to join the monthly book club at my favorite Tacoma comic book shop, Stargazer Comics Toys & Games. We were discussing, of course, the first trade volume of Mark’s brilliant Flintstones series from DC Comics, and the gang at Stargazer were thrilled that Mark was going to be able to join us in person! It was a fabulous conversation, and the coolest bit is that, with Mark’s permission, the owners taped the conversation and have now begun posting the entire transcript on their blog. I’m sharing Part 1 of that transcript here, so head on over to their blog and check it out, then stay tuned for Part 2. Unless you haven’t read The Flintstones yet — if that’s the case, SPOILER ALERT! and get yourself to your local comic book shop and grab the first trade volume!

Stargazer Comics, Toys & Games

– Our recording missed a bit of this first question, but this transcript picks up very early in the conversation.
– For the sake of not typing a lot of sound effects, imagine that we were all laughing, almost constantly, throughout this talk!

ST: Can you tell us a bit about what your initial thoughts were when DC approached you to write the Flintstones?

MR: I thought, you know, it’s set in prehistoric times, and I’m really sort of interested in human anthropology and paleontology. To me, that’s the important thing… what I look for when I’m writing something… what could I link it to, outside of comics, that I’m interested in.

And for the Flintstones, it was like… I’ve got a lot to say about human evolution and where we’re going, and how the problems we have now are, I think, due to the problem that we’re not living…

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