Midwest tour wrap-up (& how awesome Columbus Press is)

Gang, I’m done. I’m home again in Portland. I have had an amazing time on tour in the Midwest — in Ohio, Indiana, and even a quick trip through northern Kentucky. The readers and audience members and students and colleagues have been fabulous — so supportive, so enthusiastic for my novel! — and seeing old friendsContinue reading “Midwest tour wrap-up (& how awesome Columbus Press is)”

Fiction and friends in three states

This book tour has been a wonderful whirlwind, gang, and I’m still playing catch-up on all the fun events I’ve been involved in! So allow me to take you on the fantastic finale of my tour of the Midwest, from Indiana through Kentucky and back into Ohio: After my Indianapolis gig, I drove south to NewContinue reading “Fiction and friends in three states”

Discussing writing and werewolves at Ivy Tech

Today I had the great privilege to visit not one but two creative writing classes taught by my grad school friend, the wonderful poet Brianna Pike. I’ve always loved Bri’s approach to teaching writing as much as I love her poetry (and folks, she’s a hell of a poet!), so I knew I was inContinue reading “Discussing writing and werewolves at Ivy Tech”

Writing advice from the very beginning

Today, I was on the campus of Columbus State Community College, where I led a workshop over the life of a writer and my Fourteen Principles for Creative Writers. As with most of my workshops, we had a nice, intimate group, which meant we could have a conversation, and I got to do one of myContinue reading “Writing advice from the very beginning”

Rougarous in Columbus!

So, I’ve been in Columbus, Ohio, for a couple days now and Ohioans, you people know how to party! My first night in town I was part of the Indianola Stroll, a community business/art walk on Indianola Avenue. I hung out at the offices of Columbus Creative Cooperative, a writers resource business, where I metContinue reading “Rougarous in Columbus!”

The Midwest Tour is one week away!

Second verse, same as the first! After my Southern book tour for Hagridden, I came home to Portland for a release party here, but since then I’ve been enjoying a little breather. But gang, vacation’s over! A week from now, I’ll be in Ohio to start the Midwest leg of the Hagridden book tour! We’re talkingContinue reading “The Midwest Tour is one week away!”

Memories of the South

This coming weekend, I’ll be reading at the Northwest release party for Hagridden here in Portland, alongside my friends Mark Russell and Monica Drake. And just today, I booked travel for my Midwest book tour in Ohio and Indiana. But today, I wanted to take one last look back at the Southern tour I just finished.Continue reading “Memories of the South”

Things I’ve done in Texas

Things I’ve heard most often while on book tour in Texas (in no particular order): So, no quotation marks. What’s up with that? I always knew you had it in you! Wait — you’re a vegetarian now? Really? Please tell your lovely wife hello! How much research did you do for this thing!? I want to getContinue reading “Things I’ve done in Texas”

Dream journal: writers, journeys, and complicated futons

I sometimes have dreams so vivid I have to write them down when I wake up. Sometimes those things wind up in notebooks, other times they wind up on Facebook (and sometimes they wind up as fiction), and, recently, I’ve decided to let them start showing up here. I don’t anticipate this becoming a regularContinue reading “Dream journal: writers, journeys, and complicated futons”

Photo blog: As Seen from the Train

On our recent train trip from Portland, OR to Vancouver, BC for spring break, my wife and I talked, read books, worked online (thanks to Amtrak’s free wifi aboard their Cascades line), and, of course, enjoyed the passing scenery. At the time, I remarked, here on the blog and on Facebook and Twitter, on the differentContinue reading “Photo blog: As Seen from the Train”