Photo blog: As Seen from the Train

On our recent train trip from Portland, OR to Vancouver, BC for spring break, my wife and I talked, read books, worked online (thanks to Amtrak’s free wifi aboard their Cascades line), and, of course, enjoyed the passing scenery. At the time, I remarked, here on the blog andĀ on Facebook and Twitter, on the differentContinue reading “Photo blog: As Seen from the Train”

Yet another travelogue: Vancouver, BC, Day 1

Jennifer and I are on Spring Break, and we’ve decided to blow town for Vancouver, BC. We actually have a history of heading north for Spring Break, rather than south like so many of our friends and colleagues. What can I say: Having grown up in Texas and lived almost three years in the MiddleContinue reading “Yet another travelogue: Vancouver, BC, Day 1”

AWP Day 1: trains, brains, and automobiles

I don’t really have much to report from day 1 of AWP, except that Seattle is STUFFED full of writers right now, and we’re not even all here yet. I do want to backtrack and write a bit about my journey up here fromĀ Portland, though, because this was my first train ride in the USContinue reading “AWP Day 1: trains, brains, and automobiles”