IU Southeast Writing Contest Winners, 2014

Last year, I had the honor of judging the fiction section of the Indiana University Southeast Writing Contest. It was a wonderful experience reading such talented writers, and I was doubly honored this year when those students invited me to campus to read from Hagridden and give a talk on fiction writing.   But then theContinue reading “IU Southeast Writing Contest Winners, 2014”

2013: the year of all the awesome I could ever want

I’ve been looking over 2013 and thinking about my writing work, and folks, this has been one hell of a year. It started in the very first weeks of January, when I received — almost back-to-back — an offer from sunnyoutside press to publish my first book, Box Cutters, and an Oregon Literary Fellowship. BothContinue reading “2013: the year of all the awesome I could ever want”

IU Southeast Writing Contest Winners, 2013

I’m very proud to have judged the fiction section of the Indiana University Southeast Writing Contest this year. My friend Steve Bowman, who teaches there, recommended me as one of the contest judges, and I had a great time reading the submissions. My congratulations to all the young writers who sent in such good shortContinue reading “IU Southeast Writing Contest Winners, 2013”

Finalist in the storySouth Million Writers Award

Ladies and gentlemen! Have I got news for you! My story, “Lightning My Pilot,” is currently a finalist for the storySouth Million Writers Award! And YOU get to vote on the winner! This is huge news, gang, and I am absolutely THRILLED by it! If you haven’t read the story yet (or just want toContinue reading “Finalist in the storySouth Million Writers Award”