People reading Hagridden

Back when my chapbook, Box Cutters, came out, I did a thing where I posted photos of people reading the book. It was awesome, because the people who bought and read Box Cutters are awesome. So are the people who are buying and reading Hagridden, because they’re doing the same thing and I didn’t evenContinue reading “People reading Hagridden”

Slip loose the blade and rip her open!

Ladies and gentlemen, today I have some huge news. HUGE! This morning, sunnyoutside press revealed the cover of my upcoming chapbook, Box Cutters. This is my first chapbook — my first book, for that matter — and I am simply GEEKING OUT over it! Huge thanks to the gang over at sunnyoutside, as well asContinue reading “Slip loose the blade and rip her open!”

On chapbooks

So, last week, as I was posting here looking for a title for my new chapbook, I was also trawling Facebook for title ideas and a friend of mine asked what a chapbook even was. She even apologized for being “just too lazy to Google it.” Which was totally cool with me — we’ve allContinue reading “On chapbooks”

[Insert title here]

So, I’m wrapping up a new chapbook this week. The collection of ten stories, about half of them flash fiction or very short stories, deal with characters isolated from lovers or from themselves; some of them seek companionship in violence or in dead bodies, others lock themselves away until forced out into the light ofContinue reading “[Insert title here]”

A Writer’s Notebook: Texas and a chapbook introduction

I just spent all morning working on a chapbook I can’t submit because I misread the guidelines — the press was asking for more than half the stories be unpublished. My chapbook contains mostly published stories. I’m a victim of my own success, I guess? Anyway, I was just beginning to revise the introduction forContinue reading “A Writer’s Notebook: Texas and a chapbook introduction”