Cover reveal for There Is No Other Way to Worship Them

We have a cover! In case you missed the announcements yesterday (on the Blue Cactus Press site, on Facebook, and on Twitter), the cover for There Is No Other Way to Worship Them is now an official thing. (Back cover on the left, front cover on the right, as you’d see it if you flattened the book)Continue reading “Cover reveal for There Is No Other Way to Worship Them”

Cover art reveal for my new book of stories

Gang, Blue Cactus Press and I are trucking along on the production of my next book, the story collection There Is No Other Way to Worship Them. And ICYMI, this past week we revealed the cover art! The cover design is still under construction, but the artwork going on the front and back covers isContinue reading “Cover art reveal for my new book of stories”

Hagridden has a cover!

It’s here, gang! Hagridden has a cover! I love everything about this, including the stuff you can’t see, by which I mean the conversations between me and the publisher as we looked at drafts of this. But my favorite bit: the clean font + distressed look = exactly the right combination of the book’s literary seriousnessContinue reading “Hagridden has a cover!”

Bram Stoker’s birthday!

I love vampires. No, not sparkly emo teens: I’m talking about VAMPIRES: And there is no one — I’m sorry, Anne Rice fans and Chelsea Quinn Yarbo fans and Richard Matheson fans and Steve Niles fans — there is NO ONE who has ever written a vampire story as brilliant as the one that launchedContinue reading “Bram Stoker’s birthday!”

Jersey Devil Press is scary good!

  Jersey Devil Press’s October issue is out today, and the work is freakishly good, people! Emphasis on the freaks: in addition to ghosts and Halloween stories, we have mermaids, dog-people, Arkansas magicians, and — most frightening of all — brutish adolescent boys trying to grab some boob. It’s great stuff, and just in timeContinue reading “Jersey Devil Press is scary good!”