The first short story I ever wrote

I was in ninth grade. I was taking home-ec because I wanted to learn to cook, but we weren’t always in the kitchens — often, our class sat in desks and did bookwork, which I tended to get through quickly. So home-ec soon became my daydreaming time, and so I could look busy, I took toContinue reading “The first short story I ever wrote”

Last-minute holiday shopping: e-books!

Need to do some last-minute holiday shopping? Time is short, driving hurts the planet, holiday shoppers are crazy. Even you — shopping makes us all crazy. So go online and order an e-book! I’m not promoting Amazon’s Kindle, by the way (I don’t own any kind of e-reader), and if you can find other e-bookContinue reading “Last-minute holiday shopping: e-books!”

Photo blog 34

“O Mary, indeed Allah gives you good tidings…”* Christmas trees in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, December 2010. In case you’re curious, I also took a few vertical panoramic photos (the Dubai tree in particular is extremely tall!).  Here’s a separate gallery showing those taller photos: * The title of these photosContinue reading “Photo blog 34”

A cross-blog PSA

Not everyone who reads this blog also follows my other blog, Smile! (but really, why not?), so I wanted to post a short note here asking you to visit my other blog for an important message about how to help share a little happiness and cheer this holiday season.  You can find the post inContinue reading “A cross-blog PSA”