Controlled Hallucinations, by John Sibley Williams

My pal John Sibley Williams has a new book coming out. He’s published a bunch of chapbooks, but this one is his debut book-length collection of poems, Controlled Hallucinations.  I know John, and we’ve talked about his poetry before. He’s a bit of a classicist, not in any formal sense but in the sense that heContinue reading “Controlled Hallucinations, by John Sibley Williams”

Taking off my shoes; putting on another hat

I have a new job, gang. I’m now serving as production editor at Unshod Quills, where I join the excellent Dena Rash Guzman, Wendy Ellis, Donald Rilea, Holly Hinkle, and Brian Tibbetts. I’m proud as hell to be part of a magazine that has already published work by Patrick Bahls, Rusty Barnes, Matthew Burnside, Matty Byloos, Chloe Caldwell,Continue reading “Taking off my shoes; putting on another hat”

A lot of literary news

Between my new job reading for Jersey Devil Press, my recent publication in the awesome pitch issue of Sententia, and my wading into the deep, cool waters of the Portland literary scene, my authorial connections have grown exponentially in the past month or so. Which is awesome. But it also means that I know more coolContinue reading “A lot of literary news”