Putting our shoes on. Saying goodbye.

It turns out that nothing lives forever. Every time I realize that, I realize it anew. It’s never any less shocking. So begins the heartfelt — and heartbreaking — adieu from my colleagues Dena Rash Guzman and Wendy Ellis at Unshod Quills, which is closing up shop this month. These things happen. All too oftenContinue reading “Putting our shoes on. Saying goodbye.”

Unshod and pregnant. With bees.

Oh, you guys. This issue. The photography, the poetry, the prose. The cover art. The beauty of it all! The long-awaited Issue 8 of Unshod Quills is live and online now, and it’s a wonderful, sweet, buzzing literary creature. Since we’ve switched to a focus on poetry, our ranks of gorgeous poets have swelled beyondContinue reading “Unshod and pregnant. With bees.”

Unshod Quills One-Hit Wonders and reading in Portland

I am so, so fortunate to be part of so many little circles of writing communities — authors, poets, editors, publishers, public readers, Portlanders…. And when two of those circles overlap in a kind if literary Venn diagram, the fun doesn’t get smaller, it gets more concentrated. So you can imagine the degree of AwesomeContinue reading “Unshod Quills One-Hit Wonders and reading in Portland”

Taking off my shoes; putting on another hat

I have a new job, gang. I’m now serving as production editor at Unshod Quills, where I join the excellent Dena Rash Guzman, Wendy Ellis, Donald Rilea, Holly Hinkle, and Brian Tibbetts. I’m proud as hell to be part of a magazine that has already published work by Patrick Bahls, Rusty Barnes, Matthew Burnside, Matty Byloos, Chloe Caldwell,Continue reading “Taking off my shoes; putting on another hat”

New publication(s)

Fiction is flying all over the place today! This morning, I had a long story accepted for publication — more news on that this summer — and then this evening I get word that the new issue of Unshod Quills is live, which is great for me because I have not one story — notContinue reading “New publication(s)”