A whole string of announcements

I know, gang. I’ve been awful about updating the blog lately. Call me busy — with editing, with teaching, with tutoring, with a slew of other projects. But I’m not alone. Some friends of mine have been quite busy lately, too! Matthew Burnside, whose fiction I have become a huge fan of, has a newContinue reading “A whole string of announcements”

Taking off my shoes; putting on another hat

I have a new job, gang. I’m now serving as production editor at Unshod Quills, where I join the excellent Dena Rash Guzman, Wendy Ellis, Donald Rilea, Holly Hinkle, and Brian Tibbetts. I’m proud as hell to be part of a magazine that has already published work by Patrick Bahls, Rusty Barnes, Matthew Burnside, Matty Byloos, Chloe Caldwell,Continue reading “Taking off my shoes; putting on another hat”