Returning home to Schreiner University

I began the Texas leg of my book tour in my hometown of Boerne, where I graduated high school. Tonight, I wrapped up my Texas tour in Kerrville, at my undergrad alma mater, Schreiner University. It was great to see the old place, which has undergone tremendous growth — new academic buildings, new housing, new community buildings —Continue reading “Returning home to Schreiner University”

Photo blog 75

This is a true story about two dates, February 1, 1997, and February 1, 2012: This is on the campus of Schreiner University, in Kerrville, TX. Fifteen years ago, that tree wasn’t there, and the room behind it was a small rec room. Fifteen years ago, I was on my way to that rec room toContinue reading “Photo blog 75”

Patrons, series 2: a lineage of writing and teaching

It has been simply ages since I last wrote about the spiritual and temporal guides to my career, my “Patrons of writing and teaching” series. It’s not for lack of content (in addition to this post, I have several others in my pocket for later), but I got quite sidetracked by the writing itself, whichContinue reading “Patrons, series 2: a lineage of writing and teaching”