Discussing writing and werewolves at Ivy Tech

Today I had the great privilege to visit not one but two creative writing classes taught by my grad school friend, the wonderful poet Brianna Pike. I’ve always loved Bri’s approach to teaching writing as much as I love her poetry (and folks, she’s a hell of a poet!), so I knew I was inContinue reading “Discussing writing and werewolves at Ivy Tech”

Writing advice from the very beginning

Today, I was on the campus of Columbus State Community College, where I led a workshop over the life of a writer and my Fourteen Principles for Creative Writers. As with most of my workshops, we had a nice, intimate group, which meant we could have a conversation, and I got to do one of myContinue reading “Writing advice from the very beginning”

Another YA author you should get to know!

A couple of days ago, I wrote about the up-and-coming Michelle Modesto, whose forthcoming YA novel is going to be awesome. Then yesterday, I was at the Terroir Creative Writing Festival in McMinnville, OR, where I met another YA author, Jennifer M. Hartsock. And gang, I’m telling you now, if you’re a YA fan, putContinue reading “Another YA author you should get to know!”

An interview with me at the UW-Platteville creative writing blog

Yesterday, Ryan Werner name-dropped me in his interview with the University of Wisconsin-Platteville’s creative writing blog. So they contacted me, and today, my interview is online, too. Among the things we talk about: writers in Wisconsin, dreams, snow and Dairy Days and strawberry shortcake in Wisconsin, Sarah Rose Etter and Jac Jemc, fall on theContinue reading “An interview with me at the UW-Platteville creative writing blog”

Patrons, series 2: a lineage of writing and teaching

It has been simply ages since I last wrote about the spiritual and temporal guides to my career, my “Patrons of writing and teaching” series. It’s not for lack of content (in addition to this post, I have several others in my pocket for later), but I got quite sidetracked by the writing itself, whichContinue reading “Patrons, series 2: a lineage of writing and teaching”

Writer’s Notebook: a few thoughts on writing

This week, I have one of my classes writing about a personal belief. It’s going to lead them to a personal essay, so what I’m about to do is a pretty poor example of what they’re up to, but when I began thinking of topics I might tackle in order to write along with them,Continue reading “Writer’s Notebook: a few thoughts on writing”

Can Creative Writing Be Taught? (via Life and Art)

I tend to avoid re-posting articles like this one because this topic has sort of been done to death. Or so I thought. But actually, there’s a really interesting conversation developing on this post, and I recommend you check it out. Catching up on some reading yesterday, I came across an interesting item published inContinue reading “Can Creative Writing Be Taught? (via Life and Art)”

A Writer’s Notebook: Poetry-to-prose revision

For this exercise, I’m taking an old poem (which I don’t much like) and turning it into a piece of flash fiction (which I like only slightly better).  After that: why I did it. A Long Distant Line I am reminded of my dad’s woolen Boy Scout blanket, fuzz balling across it like mold, layingContinue reading “A Writer’s Notebook: Poetry-to-prose revision”