A Writer’s Notebook: Script Frenzy

So, as you might know, my planned 10-day interruption in participating in Script Frenzy turned into two and a half weeks, because we were stuck in Amsterdam for a week trying to figure out how to get home.  Then I was resting up, then working on other projects, like my travel journal….  Needless to say,Continue reading “A Writer’s Notebook: Script Frenzy”

The good times are killing me

We writers and academics love to ask each other what books we’d want with us if ever we’re stranded on a desert island, and we love offering clever, literary answers: Jane Austen, Cormac McCarthy, the Oxford English Dictionary, the Dhammapada. But we’re lying to ourselves.

Script Frenzy

I don’t expect anything like the success I had with NaNoWriMo, partly because I’ll be on vacation for 10 out of April’s 30 days, but I plan to participate in Script Frenzy this year.  I’ve long wanted to adapt my dissertation novel as a graphic novel, and I’ve taken a few tentative stabs at itContinue reading “Script Frenzy”