“Humanities in higher education is under attack.”

Pursuant to last Thursday’s post about Peter Thiel’s plan to destroy higher education, I offer this:  simultaneously the funniest and the most depressing commentary on academia I’ve seen in ages.

Xtranormal | Text-to-Movie

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This video might, in fact, look familiar, because it’s gone viral on Facebook and on several of the blogs I follow.  (Quick plug:  Though I’d seen it on the statuses of many of my grad-school friends and former professors, I decided to post this after reading the comments on my friend Lindsy’s blog, To Be an Electric Telegraph.)

To be perfectly honest, though, despite all the serious/tragicomic dialogue about higher ed, I think my favorite exchange was this one:

Professor: “Harold Bloom is a misogynistic narcissist.”

Student: “Harold Bloom informs much of my own scholarship.”

Professor: “You cannot seriously be this stupid.”


Hee hee!  (Sorry, Harold Bloom!)

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