“Dear student”: one professor’s view of evaluation (and why I agree)

In a recent piece in Forbes (why Forbes? why not Chronicle of Higher Ed or InsideHigherEd.com, both of which the author cites after his essay) on why professors “Don’t Lie Awake At Night Thinking of Ways to Ruin Your Life,” economics professor Art Carden opens with a quote from I Corinthians: “When I was aContinue reading ““Dear student”: one professor’s view of evaluation (and why I agree)”

Why Do I Have to Learn This?

Image by Claremont Colleges Digital Library via Flickr I just read this fantastic blog post — no, I’ll go ahead an call it what it is: an essay — from “Siobhan Curious” at Classroom as Microcosm. Titled “Why Do I Have to Learn This?,” it is an excellent response to a recent New Yorker piece by LouisContinue reading “Why Do I Have to Learn This?”

“Humanities in higher education is under attack.”

Pursuant to last Thursday’s post about Peter Thiel’s plan to destroy higher education, I offer this:  simultaneously the funniest and the most depressing commentary on academia I’ve seen in ages. Xtranormal | Text-to-Movie So you Want to Get a PhD in the Humanities , posted with vodpod This video might, in fact, look familiar, becauseContinue reading ““Humanities in higher education is under attack.””