A Writer’s Notebook: a blank page

`Tis the season for lounging around in sweatpants and drinking cocoa, daydreaming about the looks on the faces of those we love when they open our gifts the next morning. Oh, and writing letters and e-mails to family and friends recapping the year, which is what I’ve been up to. Not exactly Writer’s Notebook  materialContinue reading “A Writer’s Notebook: a blank page”

Photo blog 34

“O Mary, indeed Allah gives you good tidings…”* Christmas trees in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, December 2010. In case you’re curious, I also took a few vertical panoramic photos (the Dubai tree in particular is extremely tall!).  Here’s a separate gallery showing those taller photos: * The title of these photosContinue reading “Photo blog 34”

A cross-blog PSA

Not everyone who reads this blog also follows my other blog, Smile! (but really, why not?), so I wanted to post a short note here asking you to visit my other blog for an important message about how to help share a little happiness and cheer this holiday season.  You can find the post inContinue reading “A cross-blog PSA”

Photo blog 25

    I didn’t take this photo–my mother did.  I’m actually in this photo–I’m Charlie Chaplin.  My brother, Jon Snoek, is the Ghostbuster (I made his ghost-trapping “backpack” for him), and my sister, Sara Snoek, is an angel.  I think the year was 1987, but don’t quote me on that. I decided to post itContinue reading “Photo blog 25”