Jersey Devil Press is scary good!

  Jersey Devil Press’s October issue is out today, and the work is freakishly good, people! Emphasis on the freaks: in addition to ghosts and Halloween stories, we have mermaids, dog-people, Arkansas magicians, and — most frightening of all — brutish adolescent boys trying to grab some boob. It’s great stuff, and just in timeContinue reading “Jersey Devil Press is scary good!”

Writer’s Notebook: Holiday story

I’m sort of semi-cheating this week. I am working on an exercise, but the story I’m working on will eventually show up online as a story, so I’d rather keep it under wraps while I work on it. Still, I want to offer something along the same lines here, so behold, a quick excerpt fromContinue reading “Writer’s Notebook: Holiday story”

Photo blog 25

    I didn’t take this photo–my mother did.  I’m actually in this photo–I’m Charlie Chaplin.  My brother, Jon Snoek, is the Ghostbuster (I made his ghost-trapping “backpack” for him), and my sister, Sara Snoek, is an angel.  I think the year was 1987, but don’t quote me on that. I decided to post itContinue reading “Photo blog 25”