A couple of Southern transplants around the Puget Sound

Last Thursday, I joined novelist Alec Clayton for a reading and book signing at the Timberland Regional Library in Lacey, WA. Alec read a couple of passages from his most recent novel, Tupelo, with a perfectly timed emotional shift: a bit of humor and then a wonderfully nostalgic teenage make-out session that takes a sudden turn at the end intoContinue reading “A couple of Southern transplants around the Puget Sound”

Upcoming events this spring

I’ve got a few events coming up on the calendar, folks, if you’re in America’s Pacific Northwest and want to come out to say hi. The first isn’t so much an event of mine as an event I’m attending: my local arts and literature community, Creative Colloquy, is celebrating their third anniversary this coming Monday. I’mContinue reading “Upcoming events this spring”

Free copies of Hagridden!

You know who has tons and tons of free books? Your local library! See, though Hagridden won’t be released until August 19, it is now listed for distribution through Ingram, which is what a ton of libraries use to order their books. Public libraries and school libraries and academic libraries (oh my!). And you, dear reader, canContinue reading “Free copies of Hagridden!”

“You’re into some kink.”

There’s a funny post from The Date Report making the rounds on Facebook today. It’s all about “What Your Bookshelf Says About You To A Date.” The piece is short and definitely intended as humor, but it’s kind of fun and not entirely untrue. Of course, tracking what my books say about me to aContinue reading ““You’re into some kink.””

Reel Librarians

I write about libraries and librarians on this site a lot. Which shouldn’t come as any surprise to people who’ve been reading for a while, because I’m openly proud to be married to a damn fine librarian. Now that damn fine librarian has launched her own website and blog, all about librarians in cinema. CalledContinue reading “Reel Librarians”

PCA/ACA update, days 1 and 2

These have been some packed days. And for some reason, everyone is sending me to comics panels (no pun intended)! Not that there’s anything wrong with that — I love comics. But it’s starting to feel weird because today I attended a library panel (on defining the role of librarians through popular representations) and woundContinue reading “PCA/ACA update, days 1 and 2”

This librarian is totally hot

The good news abounds in the Snoek-Brown household this week: after my story announcement yesterday, today my wife, who is a (brilliant!) librarian, found out she’s online as well! A while ago, a freelance writer named Meredith Southard contacted my wife and asked to interview her for a short article on the librarian profession (because,Continue reading “This librarian is totally hot”

A Writer’s Notebook: Found poem (from Nizar Qabbani)

I’m in Dubai this weekend, visiting friends.  Yesterday, I spent part of my day on the Dubai campus of Zayed University, where, in a hallway leading to the campus library, I found a row of large, framed prints, each bearing–in Arabic and in English–lines of poetry. The lines all come from existing poetry, but theyContinue reading “A Writer’s Notebook: Found poem (from Nizar Qabbani)”