Yet another novel playlist

I’ve written so many times now on how music affects my writing that everyone must be getting sick of it. And I’m not the only one doing this — practically every writer with a blog has commented on his or her writing playlist at some point. I think it’s because we all wish we couldContinue reading “Yet another novel playlist”

Editing and haircuts

A few months ago, author Ethel Rohan (whose beautiful book Cut Through the Bone you all should buy), made a comment in her blog about her recent haircut. “I cut off most of my hair, twelve inches of length and a crazy amount in volume, and now have Flash hair.” (I love that phrase: “Flash hair.”) SheContinue reading “Editing and haircuts”

The future is now

Ladies and gentlemen: behold the new website. There are still a few bits and bobs I plan to add in the coming weeks, like a couple more photo galleries, but say hello to the new and (I hope) improved website. Check out the new interactive photo menu on the main page, the new photos page,Continue reading “The future is now”

It’s the end of the blog as we know it: the Great Website Revamp of 2012

I swear this isn’t going to be an annual thing, at least not that I’m planning for. But since the anniversary of this site is here, I’m going ahead and redesigning the site again. I’ve added so much content over the last year — loads of links, the NaNoWriMo page, photos galore — that IContinue reading “It’s the end of the blog as we know it: the Great Website Revamp of 2012”

A new milestone for a new website!

Ladies and gentleman, as of about 6:45 pm Pacific Time, I have topped 20,000 hits on this website. This is fantastic! And well-timed, because this coming week, I will be unveiling a wholly revamped website. Most of the main pages will remain, so the menues will function as usual, but I’ll be adding a fewContinue reading “A new milestone for a new website!”

New publication(s)

Some publications news: I have two new stories in the March issue of Red Fez, “Still Alive” and “Dream with Enough Conviction.” You might recognize “Dream with Enough Conviction”: an earlier draft of it appeared here about ten months ago, as a Writer’s Notebook entry on music and fiction. And you might recognize Red Fez,Continue reading “New publication(s)”

A Writer’s Notebook: Poetry-to-prose revision

For this exercise, I’m taking an old poem (which I don’t much like) and turning it into a piece of flash fiction (which I like only slightly better).  After that: why I did it. A Long Distant Line I am reminded of my dad’s woolen Boy Scout blanket, fuzz balling across it like mold, layingContinue reading “A Writer’s Notebook: Poetry-to-prose revision”

And we’re live (again)*

Are we re-alive? Re-animated? A zombie? Whatever the case, here we are, exactly one year after I migrated over to WordPress and expanded my blog to become a website, and now I’ve relaunched as–well, really, the same thing. Only cleaner, with better organization. My website has matured. And taken a shower and combed its hair.Continue reading “And we’re live (again)*”

Bloggiesta por mi, thanks!

  So, apparently, we’re in the middle of something called “Bloggiesta,” a blog-renewal movement during which we all should revamp or upgrade our blogs. News to me, but the funny thing is, I was already planning to do just this.I was reviewing my website last week and realized that I switched over here from BloggerContinue reading “Bloggiesta por mi, thanks!”