Unshod and pregnant. With bees.

Oh, you guys. This issue. The photography, the poetry, the prose. The cover art. The beauty of it all! The long-awaited Issue 8 of Unshod Quills is live and online now, and it’s a wonderful, sweet, buzzing literary creature. Since we’ve switched to a focus on poetry, our ranks of gorgeous poets have swelled beyondContinue reading “Unshod and pregnant. With bees.”

Jersey Devil Press’s special novella issue awaits you

  I’ve been really psyched for Jersey Devil Press‘s special novella issue since we editors first agreed to tackle a novella contest. Then we got a look at the top stories and, blown away, I’ve been even MORE psyched to get this issue into print. How Jody Giardina manages to make such a gross-out storyContinue reading “Jersey Devil Press’s special novella issue awaits you”