Ryan Werner goes Soft

Gang, if you want to read something truly innovative, check out Ryan Werner’s “shattered novella” Soft. “Shattered novella” is what Ryan’s calling it, but really, it’s hard to know what to call this thing other than art. It is a novella, in the sense that it’s a unified narrative spanning a long period and coveringContinue reading “Ryan Werner goes Soft”

Jersey Devil Press’s special novella issue awaits you

  I’ve been really psyched for Jersey Devil Press‘s special novella issue since we editors first agreed to tackle a novella contest. Then we got a look at the top stories and, blown away, I’ve been even MORE psyched to get this issue into print. How Jody Giardina manages to make such a gross-out storyContinue reading “Jersey Devil Press’s special novella issue awaits you”

The novella is the Bigfoot of fiction

It’s both funny and somehow appropriate that it’s taking many of us until the middle of June to realize that June now celebrates the middle child of fiction: the novella. National Novella Month is something┬áDan Wickett (oh he of the grand and holy Dzanc Books) got started a couple of years ago, and I loveContinue reading “The novella is the Bigfoot of fiction”

Jersey Devil Press announces its first-ever novella contest

Heads up, writers and readers: Jersey Devil Press, the magazine I work for, is announcing its first-ever novella contest. Which is awesome for two reasons: 1) Even though novellas seem to be coming back into vogue and lots of publishers are dabbling in contests of one sort of another, they still don’t get the attentionContinue reading “Jersey Devil Press announces its first-ever novella contest”