An appointment with loads of amazing writers

A couple of evenings ago, I went over to The Jade Lounge in Portland to hang out with Dena Rash Guzman, Yuvi Zalkow, Julia Clare Tillinghast, and Parker Tettleton as part of Timothy Gager‘s book tour for his new novel, The Thursday Appointments of Bill Sloan. We had a grand time. Despite the noise in the kitchen andContinue reading “An appointment with loads of amazing writers”

Unshod Quills One-Hit Wonders and reading in Portland

I am so, so fortunate to be part of so many little circles of writing communities — authors, poets, editors, publishers, public readers, Portlanders…. And when two of those circles overlap in a kind if literary Venn diagram, the fun doesn’t get smaller, it gets more concentrated. So you can imagine the degree of AwesomeContinue reading “Unshod Quills One-Hit Wonders and reading in Portland”

Originally posted on Meg Tuite's Blog: Exquisite Quartet Anthology 2012 is available for purchase. An outstanding group of writers: Mary Stone Dockery, Alex Pruteanu, Kristine Ong Muslim, Ben Tanzer, Len Kuntz, James Claffey, Timothy Gager, Kevin Ridgeway, Linda Hedrick, Angelle Scott, Joseph A.W. Quintela, Andrea Carlisle, Leah Rogin-Roper, Ken McPherson, Nate Jordon, Julie…

Ampersand West Coast Invasion!

So, this is happening: Portland, Oregon, at the Blue Monk, Sept. 18 at 8 pm. The very, very cool indie press Ampersand Books is hosting killer literature readings by Carrie Seitzinger, Hannah Pass, Gabriel Blackwell, Hobie Anthony, Jamalieh Haley, and — that’s right, folks — ME. That’s awesome. But wait, there’s more! The always excellent Dena Rash Guzman and Reuben Nisenfeld will beContinue reading “Ampersand West Coast Invasion!”

Who’ll get me a book I ain’t read….

Oh, where to begin? It seems like the publishing market — or, at least, the small press and indie lit markets — like to work in tandem, with everyone publishing stuff all at once. It’s like our literary periods are in synch or something. I say this because a lot of my friends and acquaintancesContinue reading “Who’ll get me a book I ain’t read….”

Writer’s Notebook: Coffee story (with apologies to Orhan Pamuk)

This is not done. It’s probably not even good. But it’s been an interesting exercise. But I’ll explain more later. I can tell you only a little about the man and woman before they entered my shop. They both were new, you see, and so much of what I know about them I know onlyContinue reading “Writer’s Notebook: Coffee story (with apologies to Orhan Pamuk)”