Author photo outtakes! (aka: “The One With All the Props”)

A few weeks ago, I shared some of the photos from my Blue Cactus Press photo session. And no photo session is complete without a whole bundle of ridiculous outtakes. And when people are taking photos of me, not all the outtakes are accidental — I come from a long line of goofballs and IContinue reading “Author photo outtakes! (aka: “The One With All the Props”)”

Author photo session

As I continue to work with Blue Cactus Press on the publication of my forthcoming story collection, There Is No Other Way to Worship Them, we decided I needed updated author pix. So I consulted with my stylist (my wife, Jennifer) and Christina Butcher, the publisher behind BCP and also our photographer. And then, aContinue reading “Author photo session”

How much is your book worth?

Earlier today, my writer and publisher friend Michael Seidlinger shared a Slate article on Facebook: “You Can Write a Best-Seller and Still Go Broke.” The piece is part opinion on the state of publishing today and part review of a new anthology, Scratch: Writers, Money, and the Art of Making a Living.* The Slate piece opens with quotesContinue reading “How much is your book worth?”

Free ebook on self-publishing

Last week, I met with a creative writing class in Salem, Oregon, to talk writing and publishing and Hagridden. A few of the students were interested in my experience with “traditional publishing” (short answer: sunnyoutside press and Columbus Press have been GREAT to me!), but I began my reply by explaining that, actually, “traditional publishing”Continue reading “Free ebook on self-publishing”

Who’ll get me a book I ain’t read….

Oh, where to begin? It seems like the publishing market — or, at least, the small press and indie lit markets — like to work in tandem, with everyone publishing stuff all at once. It’s like our literary periods are in synch or something. I say this because a lot of my friends and acquaintancesContinue reading “Who’ll get me a book I ain’t read….”

The Current History of the Future of Publishing: Margaret Atwood speaks at the Tools of Change conference

This is a phenomenal presentation — from Margaret Atwood! — on the changes taking place in the publishing industry… and why we shouldn’t freak out about it. My favorite bit is her definition of “publishing,” because the rest of this presentation stems from that one seminal idea, and it’s awesome. The video of her presentationContinue reading “The Current History of the Future of Publishing: Margaret Atwood speaks at the Tools of Change conference”

How textbooks are becoming cool

A few years ago, when all this technology was still emerging, I wrote a short piece advocating a major revolution in the textbook industry: I called for the educational publishing industry to replace print texts with e-textbooks.  That piece became part of a chapter in a book on compassionate teaching that I’m writing, but itContinue reading “How textbooks are becoming cool”