A whole string of announcements

I know, gang. I’ve been awful about updating the blog lately. Call me busy — with editing, with teaching, with tutoring, with a slew of other projects. But I’m not alone. Some friends of mine have been quite busy lately, too! Matthew Burnside, whose fiction I have become a huge fan of, has a newContinue reading “A whole string of announcements”

A Writer’s Notebook: NaNoWriMo prep and notecards

Yes, once again, National Novel Writing Month is just around the corner. Yet I wasn’t entirely sure I was going to participate this year. I had a great idea for a novel, but I’m not yet into it enough to plow through a rapid-fire month of 1,700 words a day. Plus, I’m teaching more this year andContinue reading “A Writer’s Notebook: NaNoWriMo prep and notecards”

Who’ll get me a book I ain’t read….

Oh, where to begin? It seems like the publishing market — or, at least, the small press and indie lit markets — like to work in tandem, with everyone publishing stuff all at once. It’s like our literary periods are in synch or something. I say this because a lot of my friends and acquaintancesContinue reading “Who’ll get me a book I ain’t read….”

A Writer’s Notebook: NaNoWriMo table of contents

In just a few days, National Novel Writing Month will begin. So of course I’m gearing up. I have a lot of explaining to do about what you’ll see on the “notebook page” below, but I don’t want to front-load all this. Better just to give you the list, and then I’ll explain everything below. ToContinue reading “A Writer’s Notebook: NaNoWriMo table of contents”

Why Poet Hound and Hosho McCreesh rule the Web today

A nice surprise today: I just found out I won a drawing for a copy of Hosho McCreesh’s poetry collection For All These Wretched, Beautiful, & Insignificant Things So Uselessly & Carelessly Destroyed. The drawing took place over at Poet Hound, who are awesome people in general but have become extra-special to me now that they’reContinue reading “Why Poet Hound and Hosho McCreesh rule the Web today”