Photo blog 46

  I’m posting this heart to represent the fragility of my heart as I watch the news this week, and to represent the huge sense of compassion I feel for all sentient beings all over the planet but, this week, especially for the people of Bahrain, Libya, and Japan. Please be safe, please be peaceful,Continue reading “Photo blog 46”

大変だから日本のために思いやって下さい。Please care for Japan in this difficult time. (via Jenn in Japan)

More (and better) links and resources for helping Japan, plus a touching video from one of Jenn in Japan‘s own students. (You might cry watching it, but it’s a heartwarming clip, which is a nice change of pace — I needed to reason to smile today.) Please visit this post and click on the linksContinue reading “大変だから日本のために思いやって下さい。Please care for Japan in this difficult time. (via Jenn in Japan)”

津波 Tsunami (via Jenn in Japan)

Jenn in Japan has listed more resources for helping Japan. I posted similar lists following the earthquakes in Haiti and Chile, but Jenn is actually on the ground, in Japan right now, and I’m going to trust her to know far better than I do what are the best ways to reach out to Japan.Continue reading “津波 Tsunami (via Jenn in Japan)”

Small stone, Vol. 2, #6: SPECIAL JAPAN POST

I wanted to write a haiku today, for Japan. But nothing I could write would ever feel sufficient enough, or delicate enough, or helpful enough. Then I found this video post from Jenn, an American teaching in Japan, and her words are excellent. Better still, she offers links and suggestions for ways to help JapanContinue reading “Small stone, Vol. 2, #6: SPECIAL JAPAN POST”