Noise, by Darin Bradley

A friend of mine is releasing his first novel in a couple of weeks, an apocalyptic novel called Noise.  I haven’t read it yet, but by all accounts, it’s awesome.  (I have read the teaser text on the publisher’s website–it certainly looks awesome!) Darin and I are bouncing back and forth on an interview aboutContinue reading “Noise, by Darin Bradley”

A Writer’s Notebook: Character details

This story I’m writing about the character named Ford is ballooning, but in the best way–each week I find new ways to build it, expand it, let it breathe. But more on that below.  Right now, five quick questions to help flesh out the character of Ford: a) What are the character’s physical attributes, fromContinue reading “A Writer’s Notebook: Character details”

Don’t shush! Make some noise in the library!

I know this has been making the rounds, but after my font-nerd post back in March and my research post on marrying a librarian, I’d feel remiss if I didn’t post this outstanding video of librarians doing a cover of Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face.”  Sure, the production values aren’t quite as professional-looking as the font-nerdContinue reading “Don’t shush! Make some noise in the library!”

Nerd Dance Party

For everyone who has ever done document layout, web design, or just procrastinatory formatting on their story that’s getting nowhere:  We love fonts.  Even if it’s bold italic. Thanks to my friend Darin Bradley and the gang over at Farrago’s F.M.I. for posting this back in December.  I might never have found it without them. Continue reading “Nerd Dance Party”