Photo blog 87

Yet another entry in my “abandoned dolls” series, this time a two-fer:   The arms and legs were for sale, $3 each, at Collage, a Portland crafts store where our upstairs neighbor works (hi, Sonya!). When our neighbor spotted me waxing enthusiastic over the body parts, she pointed out how some of the limbs seemed to be burned,Continue reading “Photo blog 87”

Photo blog 86

Not that everyone’s really all that curious, but you know that love story from my grandmother that I used as last week’s Writer’s Notebook? Well, this is what those two looked like early in their marriage (I don’t have a precise date, but this is sometime in the `50s): I asked my Grandma about thisContinue reading “Photo blog 86”

Photo blog 83

“Oh, how my momma needs a comma.*” Punctuation art at the Jeld-Wen Field stop on the Portland MAX line, Portland, OR, 28 May 2012. My wife and I went out to the Rose Gardens in Portland for Memorial Day. On our way home, we transferred from the bus to the MAX light rail, and I spotted theseContinue reading “Photo blog 83”

Photo blog 81

For this week’s Photo blog, I’m going to do something a little different. I’m going to tell you a story, as it was told to me, in pictures (and you’ll have to excuse my phone’s poor-quality camera): Sometimes, when cities need to keep track of where they’ve buried their cables, they’ll paint little white symbolsContinue reading “Photo blog 81”