IU Southeast Writing Contest Winners, 2014

Last year, I had the honor of judging the fiction section of the Indiana University Southeast Writing Contest. It was a wonderful experience reading such talented writers, and I was doubly honored this year when those students invited me to campus to read from Hagridden and give a talk on fiction writing.   But then theContinue reading “IU Southeast Writing Contest Winners, 2014”

Book shopping for the holidays: the 2014 edition!

Earlier today, I spotted the NY Times list of “100 Notable Books of 2014,” which a friend referred to as her shopping list this holiday season. And I thought that was a great idea, so I went to check out the list. And there are a lot of fascinating-looking books on the list, many of which I’mContinue reading “Book shopping for the holidays: the 2014 edition!”

Reading at Salon Skid Row

Earlier this week, I joined a group of fun writers and poets at a bar in downtown Portland for a little drinking, a little laughter, and a lot of literature, because we were all reading as part of the Salon Skid Row series. Hosted by Josh Lubin at The Corner Bar, the series is oldContinue reading “Reading at Salon Skid Row”

60 issues of Jersey-style Devilry

That’s right, folks. Jersey Devil Press has reached its sixtieth issue. And it’s full of the usual absurdity: a splinter becomes a surreal launch through space and time, atomic science speaks in hip-hop, dental issues become profound, fish are so much more than mere fish, scarecrows burst into flames, and apples — well, you knowContinue reading “60 issues of Jersey-style Devilry”

Halloween brings the Rougarou!

This past week, Hagridden‘s publisher, Columbus Press, put the call out for photos of my novel out in the world for Fall/Halloween — readers in costume with the book, or the book in scary locations, or the book in Fall scenery . . . . We got a lot of great photos from all youContinue reading “Halloween brings the Rougarou!”

Free ebook on self-publishing

Last week, I met with a creative writing class in Salem, Oregon, to talk writing and publishing and Hagridden. A few of the students were interested in my experience with “traditional publishing” (short answer: sunnyoutside press and Columbus Press have been GREAT to me!), but I began my reply by explaining that, actually, “traditional publishing”Continue reading “Free ebook on self-publishing”

Reading from Hagridden at Chemeketa Writes

Yesterday, I drove down I-5 in the rain to Salem, Oregon, where I joined students, faculty, and community members at Chemeketa Community College for their Chemeketa Writes program. They’d invited me to read from my novel Hagridden. Almost a year ago, on November 12, I did almost exactly the same thing, except at the time, HagriddenContinue reading “Reading from Hagridden at Chemeketa Writes”

A new review of Hagridden, and FREE BOOKS!

Today has been a good-news day: I woke up this morning, silenced the alarm on my phone, and saw a Twitter notification that The Austin Review (a fantastic literary magazine, by the way!) had published Paul Adams’s review of my novel, Hagridden. And what a review! Adams does an amazing close-reading of the text, picking apartContinue reading “A new review of Hagridden, and FREE BOOKS!”

The book that made me a writer

The other day on Facebook, as a fun twist on Throwback Thursday, author and publisher Michael Seidlinger asked a “throwback” question: “The first book you read that blew your mind?” The question elicited a few hundred responses, many of which felt nostalgic for me: Kafka’s “Metamorphosis,” which remains one of my favorite long stories ever; Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451,Continue reading “The book that made me a writer”

EJ Runyon’s new book, A House of Light and Stone

My friend EJ Runyon published a book last month and I’ve been meaning to tell you about it! It’s called A House of Light and Stone: Told in uncompromising clarity through the eyes of a child, A House of Light and Stone is at once full of heartbreak and hope, offering respites of warmth inContinue reading “EJ Runyon’s new book, A House of Light and Stone”