An appointment with loads of amazing writers

A couple of evenings ago, I went over to The Jade Lounge in Portland to hang out with Dena Rash Guzman, Yuvi Zalkow, Julia Clare Tillinghast, and Parker Tettleton as part of Timothy Gager‘s book tour for his new novel, The Thursday Appointments of Bill Sloan. We had a grand time. Despite the noise in the kitchen andContinue reading “An appointment with loads of amazing writers”

The Jersey Devil watches mermaid porn

This might somehow be both the sexiest and the least sexy issue of Jersey Devil Press ever. I mean, on the one hand, we have a mermaid porn star and a dental assistant hot for bald men with cavities. But on the other hand, she’s hot for cavities! And there’s also a mind-controlling baby — a proven turn-offContinue reading “The Jersey Devil watches mermaid porn”

Reading with Eva Hunter at Annie Bloom’s books

Tonight I have the wonderful privilege of reading from my novel, Hagridden, with the woman who published the first complete, finished excerpt from that novel in her magazine, SOL: English Writing in Mexico. Even better, I got to read a portion of a short story, related to Hagridden, that will soon appear in SOL later thisContinue reading “Reading with Eva Hunter at Annie Bloom’s books”

I read a little poetry now and Zen

I guest-edited the Autumn Showcase of the Zen Space, a zen- and haiku-themed poetry magazine online. It was hard work finding and collecting and editing the work in this issue, but I’m really excited about the poems and photos I get to share with folks through this experience. Seriously, you should go and experience this thingContinue reading “I read a little poetry now and Zen”

Midwest tour wrap-up (& how awesome Columbus Press is)

Gang, I’m done. I’m home again in Portland. I have had an amazing time on tour in the Midwest — in Ohio, Indiana, and even a quick trip through northern Kentucky. The readers and audience members and students and colleagues have been fabulous — so supportive, so enthusiastic for my novel! — and seeing old friendsContinue reading “Midwest tour wrap-up (& how awesome Columbus Press is)”

Fiction and friends in three states

This book tour has been a wonderful whirlwind, gang, and I’m still playing catch-up on all the fun events I’ve been involved in! So allow me to take you on the fantastic finale of my tour of the Midwest, from Indiana through Kentucky and back into Ohio: After my Indianapolis gig, I drove south to NewContinue reading “Fiction and friends in three states”

Discussing writing and werewolves at Ivy Tech

Today I had the great privilege to visit not one but two creative writing classes taught by my grad school friend, the wonderful poet Brianna Pike. I’ve always loved Bri’s approach to teaching writing as much as I love her poetry (and folks, she’s a hell of a poet!), so I knew I was inContinue reading “Discussing writing and werewolves at Ivy Tech”

People eating and drinking and snuggling with cats while reading Hagridden

More Hagridden pix! This edition features coffee and burgers and bells and cats — and the first-ever photo of the Hagridden e-book!: FYI: I’ll be seeing my friend Bri in a couple of weeks, when I visit her creative writing classes and give a reading at Ivy Tech Community College. Hope to see you all there! PS: TrevorContinue reading “People eating and drinking and snuggling with cats while reading Hagridden”

The Portland release party: photos!

Portland, Oregon, is my home, a city I love like no other. And last night, my city loved me back. We had the Hagridden release party at the Independent Publishing Resource Center, a very cool DIY printing workshop/zine library/classroom/event space/living museum of all things indie publishing. And yes, we had the books by the bar andContinue reading “The Portland release party: photos!”

Portland release party for Hagridden

Today’s the day, gang! I’ve only been back in my home city of Portland for a few days, but it’s been enough to rest up from my big Southern book tour, and now it’s PDX’s turn for a Hagridden party! And folks, this one’s gonna be a doozy. We’re at the Independent Publishing Resource Center, one ofContinue reading “Portland release party for Hagridden”