Booklist 2014

It’s time again, gang, for my annual reading list. This year’s been quite light, actually — I felt like I’d read quite a bit, but turns out I managed just under 60 books. Does it count that I reread my own novel something like seven times in revisions before it came out in August? My summer months were slowest, which … More Booklist 2014

Places to publish, literature to read

I don’t know if it’s just Jung’s collective unconscious or if we’re all slaves to social media, but I’ve noticed a trend lately in people posting lists of publishers. Like the “7 Chapbook Publishers” on Authors Publish, which includes the always-excellent Black Lawrence Press, my pal Maragret Bashaar’s Hyacinth Girl Press, and (best of all!) … More Places to publish, literature to read

Book shopping for the holidays

Rather unintentionally, this holiday weekend has been quite a book-shopping extravaganza here in the Snoek-Brown household. It all started on the night before Thanksgiving, when Kevin Sampsell — Portland author, publisher, and man in charge of the small press section at Powell’s Books — posted on Facebook that my chapbook, Box Cutters, had hit the shelves at Powell’s. … More Book shopping for the holidays

Ryan Werner on small presses, road trips, and rock-n-roll

About a month ago, I posted about the big Unshod Quills One-Hit Wonders reading here in Portland, with a lot of attention to literary rock star (literally) Ryan Werner. But there’s a hell of a lot more to his side of that story, and today, in Passages North, he tells it: We do all of … More Ryan Werner on small presses, road trips, and rock-n-roll

Math in words

We survived the fake Mayan apocalypse, and though people still seem pretty worried about this fiscal “cliff” (slope) thing, I’m going to go out on a limb and say, what the hell, we’ll make it through that, too. I feel pretty confident, because 2012 has been the Year of the Dragon in eastern astrology, and … More Math in words