This librarian is totally hot

The good news abounds in the Snoek-Brown household this week: after my story announcement yesterday, today my wife, who is a (brilliant!) librarian, found out she’s online as well! A while ago, a freelance writer named Meredith Southard contacted my wife and asked to interview her for a short article on the librarian profession (because,Continue reading “This librarian is totally hot”

A Writer’s Notebook: Found poem (from Nizar Qabbani)

I’m in Dubai this weekend, visiting friends.  Yesterday, I spent part of my day on the Dubai campus of Zayed University, where, in a hallway leading to the campus library, I found a row of large, framed prints, each bearing–in Arabic and in English–lines of poetry. The lines all come from existing poetry, but theyContinue reading “A Writer’s Notebook: Found poem (from Nizar Qabbani)”

Peter Thiel couldn’t pay me enough to quit education

Today I read a Slate article about how billionaire and college drop-out Peter Thiel wants to pay students $100,000 to drop out of college themselves. Supportive blogs and sites like GOOD claim he’s not asking kids to drop out but to “stop out” (whatever that means) because, as Thiel and like-minded moguls believe, education stiflesContinue reading “Peter Thiel couldn’t pay me enough to quit education”

Don’t shush! Make some noise in the library!

I know this has been making the rounds, but after my font-nerd post back in March and my research post on marrying a librarian, I’d feel remiss if I didn’t post this outstanding video of librarians doing a cover of Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face.”  Sure, the production values aren’t quite as professional-looking as the font-nerdContinue reading “Don’t shush! Make some noise in the library!”

The Netherlands: Day 5

Day 5 Saturday, April 10, 2010 Today was a weird, difficult day.  It started out a little off:  Jennifer forgot her chapstick, my hair was so wild in the wind that Jennifer had to braid it just to keep it under control, and we kept missing our trams by seconds and getting stuck waiting aroundContinue reading “The Netherlands: Day 5”

Patrons of writing and teaching: Thoth

Among the many, many files on my computer, I have a collection of seemingly frivolous notes and scribbles related to writing, which I insist are vital to what I do and will someday, surely, come in handy.  Mostly, I’m wrong.  But every now and then, as I’m cleaning out my files and tossing the listsContinue reading “Patrons of writing and teaching: Thoth”

Research tip #5: Shop the catalogue

For more on researching for fiction, go to the main research page.  I’ve written about this before, but just to recap: Tom Franklin hates doing research. Yet his first two novels were historical fiction, which stuck Franklin doing the very thing he hates. Still, Franklin prefers to focus on the writing, to let the fictionContinue reading “Research tip #5: Shop the catalogue”

Research tip #1: Marry a librarian

For more on researching for fiction, go to the main research page.  I’ve been hanging out in libraries since I was a kid, and I was a regular at my town’s public library during high school. My first year of college, I was commuting 40 minutes to school and had a huge gap between classesContinue reading “Research tip #1: Marry a librarian”

On a life, our liberty, and the pursuit of reading: a reflection on the life and work of Judith Krug

Two years ago, I had the great privilege of eating dinner with Judith Krug. My wife was giving a two-hour presentation on librarians in film at the annual conference of the Wisconsin Library Association, and as a member of WLA’s Intellectual Freedom Roundtable, she also got to meet and work briefly with Judith Krug, theContinue reading “On a life, our liberty, and the pursuit of reading: a reflection on the life and work of Judith Krug”