People (and miniature people) reading Box Cutters

It’s been a while since I’ve posted any photos of people reading Box Cutters, but I have a few cool new photos. And then there’s my brother’s photo. Way way back, my great-grandfather (“Daddy Bill”) handcrafted an exact replica of his home as a dollhouse for his granddaughter — my mother. It was a stunningContinue reading “People (and miniature people) reading Box Cutters”

The Revenge of the Scammed

A while back, a fellow writer, Edward J. Rathke, got ripped off. Long story short: a guy hired him to write a book, wrote a fraudulent check, and wound up scamming Rathke out of his entire savings. So we in the writing community are banding together to help Rathke out — and get revenge on theContinue reading “The Revenge of the Scammed”

People reading — and writing about — Box Cutters

One last post this year of photos from readers. But I’m adding a bonus here: some snippets of reviews people have been posting on Goodreads and Amazon and Powell’s! Like some other friends/readers, Crystal decided to take my book on a little road trip. “Well-written short fiction that travels well and lends itself to funContinue reading “People reading — and writing about — Box Cutters

2013: the year of all the awesome I could ever want

I’ve been looking over 2013 and thinking about my writing work, and folks, this has been one hell of a year. It started in the very first weeks of January, when I received — almost back-to-back — an offer from sunnyoutside press to publish my first book, Box Cutters, and an Oregon Literary Fellowship. BothContinue reading “2013: the year of all the awesome I could ever want”

When I was a kid, I wanted to be on radio

What I was in third grade, my parents bought me on of those radio microphones, the ones where you could tune into a low-frequency dial on the radio and broadcast yourself over the airwaves. I used it to rap alongside  Ray Parker, Jr’s theme song to Ghostbusters. Go ahead. You know you want to. I alreadyContinue reading “When I was a kid, I wanted to be on radio”

You guessed it: people are STILL reading Box Cutters

In the past month, I’ve posted not one — not two — but three posts about people reading my chapbook, Box Cutters. And the photos of happy readers keep coming! As of today, it might be a bit of a squeeze to get your copy of my book by Christmas (unless you order from Amazon and haveContinue reading “You guessed it: people are STILL reading Box Cutters

Even MORE people reading Box Cutters

Since my chapbook, Box Cutters, came out a month ago, I’ve been posting photos of my book (here and here), sometimes with the the people who bought it, sometimes in weird locations. And as the book keeps going out there into the big wide world, photos from readers keep coming in! So here’s another round of folksContinue reading “Even MORE people reading Box Cutters

Radio hyped the literature star

I know. That was the most tortured play on words I might ever have mangled. But I don’t care, because what follows it is cool: I got name-dropped on The Literary Underground‘s internet radio program The Unknown Show with Bud Smith. Hell, I got more than name-dropped: sunnyoutside press editor David McNamara and Bud SmithContinue reading “Radio hyped the literature star”

New review of Box Cutters

This morning comes with coffee, a banana, a little NPR… and a wonderful review of Box Cutters, over at The Small Press Book Review, by Alex DeBonis. The words undo me. The stories in Box Cutters, Samuel Snoek-Brown’s flash fiction collection, operate on the principle that what’s included suggests what’s left out, with certain pieces resonatingContinue reading “New review of Box Cutters

Book shopping for the holidays

Rather unintentionally, this holiday weekend has been quite a book-shopping extravaganza here in the Snoek-Brown household. It all started on the night before Thanksgiving, when Kevin Sampsell — Portland author, publisher, and man in charge of the small press section at Powell’s Books — posted on Facebook that my chapbook, Box Cutters, had hit the shelves at Powell’s.Continue reading “Book shopping for the holidays”