Bloggiesta por mi, thanks!

  So, apparently, we’re in the middle of something called “Bloggiesta,” a blog-renewal movement during which we all should revamp or upgrade our blogs. News to me, but the funny thing is, I was already planning to do just this.I was reviewing my website last week and realized that I switched over here from BloggerContinue reading “Bloggiesta por mi, thanks!”

Because the abyss can wait….

I love blogs that lead me to other blogs.  Soon, I won’t have time for books! I was reading a post at Literary Rejections on Display about fantasy rejection letters from a fake literary journal (I had this idea way back when I worked at American Literary Review–why didn’t I get to work on thatContinue reading “Because the abyss can wait….”

The last man on Earth has wood.

A few of my favorite blogs went on hiatus last year, and they’re all making comebacks this month, much to my supreme delight.  Today I was even more thrilled to discover that one of those blogs, Judge a Book by Its Cover, has decided to use one of my submissions, the probably intentionally “arousing” coverContinue reading “The last man on Earth has wood.”