Can Creative Writing Be Taught? (via Life and Art)

I tend to avoid re-posting articles like this one because this topic has sort of been done to death. Or so I thought. But actually, there’s a really interesting conversation developing on this post, and I recommend you check it out. Catching up on some reading yesterday, I came across an interesting item published in … More Can Creative Writing Be Taught? (via Life and Art)

Rima the Arab Girl

Maybe you like personal narratives and insightful, meaningful memoirs. Or maybe you like political editorials. Or maybe you’re just a concerned citizen of the world who wants to stay informed but is sick of the same old news cycle, the same cold, indifferent data used to sell advertising. Maybe you just love really, really good … More Rima the Arab Girl

Going dark

Just a quick post just for those who subscribe to the blog (since you soon won’t be able to see this post online):  I’m shutting down the site for the big upgrade.  I should go live again in a few hours, but I want to let people know what happened to the site.