Jersey Devil Press is scary good!

  Jersey Devil Press’s October issue is out today, and the work is freakishly good, people! Emphasis on the freaks: in addition to ghosts and Halloween stories, we have mermaids, dog-people, Arkansas magicians, and — most frightening of all — brutish adolescent boys trying to grab some boob. It’s great stuff, and just in timeContinue reading “Jersey Devil Press is scary good!”

Photo blog 98

Still continuing my Texas stories series. This time I’m posting from a story that isn’t available online, so you’ll just have to track down a copy of Red Wheelbarrow from 2008 and look for “Bathe in the Doggone Sin.” (Or email me and beg me to send you the file.) It was just a fewContinue reading “Photo blog 98”

Photo blog 97

  I’m back from Texas now, but while I was there, I did indeed take more photos of locations related to my fiction. (And thanks to Jennifer and my family for putting up with me as I pulled over on the side of the road every few hundred yards!) Yesterday, I announced that Ampersand BooksContinue reading “Photo blog 97”

Photo blog 96

As I said last week, I’m in Texas. I’m still running around taking photos, but I’m also on vacation so I haven’t bothering uploading and culling them yet. But I do still have some photos from my last trip, which is what these are. They’re related to a scene in my story “A Few MayContinue reading “Photo blog 96”