Photo blog 95

I’m in Texas the next two weeks, and while I’m here, I thought I’d drive around some of my old haunts and photograph places that turn up in my Texas fiction. I did a little of that when I was last in Texas, back in April 2012. That’s when I took these photos. They relateContinue reading “Photo blog 95”

Dora says, “My body is not your battleground!”

Today marks the launch of Lidia Yuknavitch‘s new novel, Dora: a Headcase, the follow-up to her much-lauded memoir The Chronology of Water. To celebrate the launch, Lidia has decided to promote body image awareness and women’s rights issues through a viral photo campaign on her Facebook page. Here’s the explanation in her own words: theContinue reading “Dora says, “My body is not your battleground!””

Meanwhile, as I sit here writing… (plus, Photo blog 89, sort of)

Some observations from the past several days: I just finished a story. When I started it, half of me wanted it to be a piece of flash fiction, and the other half wanted it to be a novella. The first draft wound up being 5,200 words. I met myself in the middle. Having this blog,Continue reading “Meanwhile, as I sit here writing… (plus, Photo blog 89, sort of)”

Photo blog 87

Yet another entry in my “abandoned dolls” series, this time a two-fer:   The arms and legs were for sale, $3 each, at Collage, a Portland crafts store where our upstairs neighbor works (hi, Sonya!). When our neighbor spotted me waxing enthusiastic over the body parts, she pointed out how some of the limbs seemed to be burned,Continue reading “Photo blog 87”

Photo blog 86

Not that everyone’s really all that curious, but you know that love story from my grandmother that I used as last week’s Writer’s Notebook? Well, this is what those two looked like early in their marriage (I don’t have a precise date, but this is sometime in the `50s): I asked my Grandma about thisContinue reading “Photo blog 86”