Photo blog 28

“Balloon face.”  Mask on red balloon in decorative reeds.  Abu Dhabi, UAE, 31 October 2010. I’m a few days into NaNoWriMo by now, and I’m working on characters.  So far, my favorite is probably the seductive but cold (and ultimately evil) Portia Lynn, whose stone-white face and emotional distance this mask makes me think of.  … More Photo blog 28

A Writer’s Notebook: “Casting a Wide Net”

This week, another exercise from Scott McCloud’s Making Comics. In this exercise, McCloud asks us to create a cast of characters that share one trait (from a list of traits–see below) but are different in at least four other ways. These academics are my four characters (in the order I wrote them). Sandra: 45, a … More A Writer’s Notebook: “Casting a Wide Net”