Why Experts Are Not the Best Teachers (via Worst Professor Ever)

I’m not entirely sure what to make of this. On the one hand, I take issue with the author’s assertion that “knowing something at the PhD level benefits very few of your fellow citizens.” And the final comment, about “amateurs” being “cheaper to hire,” really gets under my skin, because one of my personal missionsContinue reading “Why Experts Are Not the Best Teachers (via Worst Professor Ever)”

Student revenge: assign a teacher homework!

This April, when I return to the States and visit my family in Texas, I also am going to attend the huge conference of the Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association, held this year in San Antonio. I’m reading fiction there, and I’m planning to reconnect with a bunch of scholars and colleagues I used toContinue reading “Student revenge: assign a teacher homework!”

The Current History of the Future of Publishing: Margaret Atwood speaks at the Tools of Change conference

This is a phenomenal presentation — from Margaret Atwood! — on the changes taking place in the publishing industry… and why we shouldn’t freak out about it. My favorite bit is her definition of “publishing,” because the rest of this presentation stems from that one seminal idea, and it’s awesome. The video of her presentationContinue reading “The Current History of the Future of Publishing: Margaret Atwood speaks at the Tools of Change conference”

How textbooks are becoming cool

A few years ago, when all this technology was still emerging, I wrote a short piece advocating a major revolution in the textbook industry: I called for the educational publishing industry to replace print texts with e-textbooks.  That piece became part of a chapter in a book on compassionate teaching that I’m writing, but itContinue reading “How textbooks are becoming cool”

Bloggiesta por mi, thanks!

  So, apparently, we’re in the middle of something called “Bloggiesta,” a blog-renewal movement during which we all should revamp or upgrade our blogs. News to me, but the funny thing is, I was already planning to do just this.I was reviewing my website last week and realized that I switched over here from BloggerContinue reading “Bloggiesta por mi, thanks!”

A Writer’s Notebook: “Underground history”

Gah! I didn’t write a Writer’s Notebook entry last week! Actually, I realized this last Saturday, and I probably could have knocked out a quick exercise and backdated it and just hoped no one noticed that I’d skipped a week.  But I gave myself a pass for three reasons:  1) the Writer’s Notebook entry fromContinue reading “A Writer’s Notebook: “Underground history””

Rest in peace, double space between sentences

I don’t know what sparked the recent surge in interest over the spacing rules between sentences, but there it is: we are asking ourselves once again which is correct, one space or two? I am weirdly old-fashioned in some ways regarding my approach to these things. I remember that when scholarly organizations first started switchingContinue reading “Rest in peace, double space between sentences”

Because the abyss can wait….

I love blogs that lead me to other blogs.  Soon, I won’t have time for books! I was reading a post at Literary Rejections on Display about fantasy rejection letters from a fake literary journal (I had this idea way back when I worked at American Literary Review–why didn’t I get to work on thatContinue reading “Because the abyss can wait….”

11-11 reading challenge

A friend of mine mentioned recently that he’d heard too late about the “10-10-10” challenge, in which readers committed to reading ten books a month for the first ten months of 2010. I heard about it too late, too — I heard about it through my friend, in fact — but I wouldn’t have participated.Continue reading “11-11 reading challenge”