The novella is the Bigfoot of fiction

It’s both funny and somehow appropriate that it’s taking many of us until the middle of June to realize that June now celebrates the middle child of fiction: the novella. National Novella Month is something Dan Wickett (oh he of the grand and holy Dzanc Books) got started a couple of years ago, and I loveContinue reading “The novella is the Bigfoot of fiction”

“You’re into some kink.”

There’s a funny post from The Date Report making the rounds on Facebook today. It’s all about “What Your Bookshelf Says About You To A Date.” The piece is short and definitely intended as humor, but it’s kind of fun and not entirely untrue. Of course, tracking what my books say about me to aContinue reading ““You’re into some kink.””

Hatfields & McCoys (and play-pretties)

(UPDATE — 8-31-2014: I mentioned while writing this series of posts that I was revising my Civil War novel at the time and was watching this miniseries for atmosphere. That novel I was revising is Hagridden, and it’s out now from Columbus Press. If you like this miniseries, you might like that novel. Click here for moreContinue reading “Hatfields & McCoys (and play-pretties)”

“Teacher Sam”

In the next couple of weeks, I’ll be finishing some term-long or year-long tutoring jobs I’ve been working. Two of my students are high schoolers (one is graduating, and I’m proud to say I had a hand in her getting accepted to the University of Oregon, though my part was small). But one of myContinue reading ““Teacher Sam””

Photo blog 81

For this week’s Photo blog, I’m going to do something a little different. I’m going to tell you a story, as it was told to me, in pictures (and you’ll have to excuse my phone’s poor-quality camera): Sometimes, when cities need to keep track of where they’ve buried their cables, they’ll paint little white symbolsContinue reading “Photo blog 81”

The Jersey Devil puts on its reading glasses

The April 2012 issue of Jersey Devil Press is online, and this month, we’re getting all cultured. And stuff. Many of the stories deal with writers, literary references, rejection — the grist of the everyday writing mill. And a couple of the stories deal with Art. Capital A. But don’t worry, we’re not looking down ourContinue reading “The Jersey Devil puts on its reading glasses”

But if Darth Vader got his hands on the Elder Wand AND the Ring of Power….

You can always tell it’s March Madness time when everyone starts breaking out tournament brackets for everything imaginable. And we hopelessly nonathletic nerds will not be left out of the fun! So Half-Price Books is running an online “Tournament of Villains,” a bracket of evil that includes baddies from film, literature, and comic books, mostlyContinue reading “But if Darth Vader got his hands on the Elder Wand AND the Ring of Power….”

To all my friends and readers attending AWP

People who know me are probably sick of me whining and moaning over AWP in Chicago this year, because I can’t go even though it’s one of my favorite conferences in one of my favorite cities. But alas, it was not meant to be — even if I had managed to scrape together the cashContinue reading “To all my friends and readers attending AWP”