Student revenge: assign a teacher homework!

This April, when I return to the States and visit my family in Texas, I also am going to attend the huge conference of the Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association, held this year in San Antonio. I’m reading fiction there, and I’m planning to reconnect with a bunch of scholars and colleagues I used toContinue reading “Student revenge: assign a teacher homework!”

American History WI

This is for all my friends and former colleagues in Wisconsin, who are making American history as we speak. America’s children will study these weeks in their US history and US government classes. These people in the streets these past few weeks — my friends — are our heroes, and our future generations will celebrateContinue reading “American History WI”

“Hubris” -the likely downfall of Gov. Walker? (via Teacher Reality)

For anyone still confused about what’s really happening in Wisconsin, this is an excellent, real-life summary of what’s at stake. Not politics, not ideologies. Just the real situation of so many real people and what they stand to lose if Walker’s bill passes. Please read it and share it. Marc Sears. a former public schoolContinue reading ““Hubris” -the likely downfall of Gov. Walker? (via Teacher Reality)”

The Current History of the Future of Publishing: Margaret Atwood speaks at the Tools of Change conference

This is a phenomenal presentation — from Margaret Atwood! — on the changes taking place in the publishing industry… and why we shouldn’t freak out about it. My favorite bit is her definition of “publishing,” because the rest of this presentation stems from that one seminal idea, and it’s awesome. The video of her presentationContinue reading “The Current History of the Future of Publishing: Margaret Atwood speaks at the Tools of Change conference”

The bravery of teachers

There’s been a lot in the news lately about state employees in Wisconsin protesting the attacks on their rights and their livelihoods.  I posted about it here a week ago.  Many of those protesters are teachers, K-12 as well as higher ed, and (at least as importantly, I think) their students.  These protesters, many ofContinue reading “The bravery of teachers”

“Kill Bill Vol 3”: Education on the chopping block

Wisconsin is in serious trouble.  Their budget is bleeding and they need to stop the wound.  So newly-elected governor Scott Walker has proposed to slash state spending in drastic ways, and the state legislature is fast-tracking the budget proposal for a vote this week.  Tomorrow, in fact. If that budget passes, Wisconsin will not merelyContinue reading ““Kill Bill Vol 3”: Education on the chopping block”

How textbooks are becoming cool

A few years ago, when all this technology was still emerging, I wrote a short piece advocating a major revolution in the textbook industry: I called for the educational publishing industry to replace print texts with e-textbooks.  That piece became part of a chapter in a book on compassionate teaching that I’m writing, but itContinue reading “How textbooks are becoming cool”

“Humanities in higher education is under attack.”

Pursuant to last Thursday’s post about Peter Thiel’s plan to destroy higher education, I offer this:  simultaneously the funniest and the most depressing commentary on academia I’ve seen in ages. Xtranormal | Text-to-Movie So you Want to Get a PhD in the Humanities , posted with vodpod This video might, in fact, look familiar, becauseContinue reading ““Humanities in higher education is under attack.””

Peter Thiel couldn’t pay me enough to quit education

Today I read a Slate article about how billionaire and college drop-out Peter Thiel wants to pay students $100,000 to drop out of college themselves. Supportive blogs and sites like GOOD claim he’s not asking kids to drop out but to “stop out” (whatever that means) because, as Thiel and like-minded moguls believe, education stiflesContinue reading “Peter Thiel couldn’t pay me enough to quit education”

Vonnegut at the blackboard

I was so glad to see Ampersand Review link to this article in Lapham’s Quarterly:  I had to profound good fortune to see Kurt Vonnegut give this same lecture at Trinity University in San Antonio back in, oh, 1995?  1996?  I forget the date, but I will never forget this lecture, in which Vonnegut explainsContinue reading “Vonnegut at the blackboard”