A Writer’s Notebook: “This I Believe”

This week I’ve been introducing the writing process to my college writing students through a multi-draft assignment based on NPR’s “This I Believe” project. In class on Wednesday, I had them begin a quick 250-word “credo” to get the ball rolling on the series of drafts, and, like a good teacher, I sat down andContinue reading “A Writer’s Notebook: “This I Believe””

“Dear student”: one professor’s view of evaluation (and why I agree)

In a recent piece in Forbes (why Forbes? why not Chronicle of Higher Ed or InsideHigherEd.com, both of which the author cites after his essay) on why professors “Don’t Lie Awake At Night Thinking of Ways to Ruin Your Life,” economics professor Art Carden opens with a quote from I Corinthians: “When I was aContinue reading ““Dear student”: one professor’s view of evaluation (and why I agree)”

Choose teaching – be a teacher

I’ve had my profession on the brain lately. Students who are beginning their college education with an eye to teaching, students who want to know why I became a teacher, my college’s administrative meetings and course evaluations, colleagues around the country and overseas who are sharing their end-of-term triumphs and frustrations, even a few peopleContinue reading “Choose teaching – be a teacher”

An animated history of the English language

A friend of mine shared this video on Facebook earlier today, and it’s just so fantastically succinct and hilarious I had to post it here. It’s “The History of English in Ten Minutes”: My friend found it on a blog post at Milk And Cookies, but it’s pretty widely available. What’s particularly genius about thisContinue reading “An animated history of the English language”

Why Do I Have to Learn This?

Image by Claremont Colleges Digital Library via Flickr I just read this fantastic blog post — no, I’ll go ahead an call it what it is: an essay — from “Siobhan Curious” at Classroom as Microcosm. Titled “Why Do I Have to Learn This?,” it is an excellent response to a recent New Yorker piece by LouisContinue reading “Why Do I Have to Learn This?”

Writer’s Notebook: a few thoughts on writing

This week, I have one of my classes writing about a personal belief. It’s going to lead them to a personal essay, so what I’m about to do is a pretty poor example of what they’re up to, but when I began thinking of topics I might tackle in order to write along with them,Continue reading “Writer’s Notebook: a few thoughts on writing”

Ten years ago today…

I was driving a two-hour commute to teach a college class. I listened to the news on the radio. At one point I had to pull over on the side of the road just to catch my breath. Later, I passed others who had done the same. When I got to school, I spent halfContinue reading “Ten years ago today…”

Steve Jobs supports the humanities and liberal arts

About ten months ago, I came across an article about Peter Thiel, the college drop-out turned tech mogul, and his grand plan to pay college students to quit school. It set me railing against Thiel’s shortsightedness and ignorance, an irritation that stayed with me so strongly that I wound up referencing it again this past March,Continue reading “Steve Jobs supports the humanities and liberal arts”

Can Creative Writing Be Taught? (via Life and Art)

I tend to avoid re-posting articles like this one because this topic has sort of been done to death. Or so I thought. But actually, there’s a really interesting conversation developing on this post, and I recommend you check it out. Catching up on some reading yesterday, I came across an interesting item published inContinue reading “Can Creative Writing Be Taught? (via Life and Art)”

PCA/ACA update, days 1 and 2

These have been some packed days. And for some reason, everyone is sending me to comics panels (no pun intended)! Not that there’s anything wrong with that — I love comics. But it’s starting to feel weird because today I attended a library panel (on defining the role of librarians through popular representations) and woundContinue reading “PCA/ACA update, days 1 and 2”